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Of Dust and Echoes – A Visual Tour of The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone by Silent Bill takes you on a haunting tour of the abandoned city of Pripyat, once home to thousands of families before the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. After the disaster on April 26th 1986, Pripyat and its surrounding villages were evacuated leaving the city abandoned for over 3 decades.

Silent Bill, a Street Artist from Merseyside along with 3 other artists armed with Geiger counters travelled to Chernobyl to witness the fascinating yet eerie sights of the once Communist Soviet Union. “The place was frozen in time, school books left on the tables, dolls and toys left in nurseries, it was totally surreal, some of the sights resembled a post-apocalyptic horror movie, rooms filled with gas masks and abandoned fairgrounds but there was also something beautiful in amongst all the decaying buildings. Nature had reclaimed what was once its own and it was totally bizarre to see trees just growing in the middle of a building” said Bill.

The book is 114 pages of photographs from the visit along with text revealing some amazing facts about the place such as the top secret radio tower which didn’t officially exist was shown on the map as a children’s summer camp with a fake bus stop and anyone venturing into the woods was shot on sight. 


A free low resolution digital version for you to review is available HERE

High Resolution images can be downloaded from HERE

The book is available to purchase from Amazon HERE 

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